John Cage turns 100

We had a lovely practice yesterday at Dreamboat Manny’s place! (If you’re thinking you’d like to attend a practice and see about joining up, drop us a line on the contact page.)

Preacher Teacher’s return was an auspicious one, not just because her fellow soft-rockers who continued to meet for weekly practices during the summer (we’re looking at you, Tenille Diamond, Barenaked Stevens, Heather Feather, Rumour and Monica!) missed her. As it turned out, a Preacher Teacher conversation with one of Manny’s friends reminded us all that today is legendary contemporary classical music composer John Cage‘s centenary.

Recommended reads about him come from the New Yorker, National Public Radio and the Los Angeles Times. Though Cage was no soft-rocker, we can sincerely appreciate his contributions to expanding music’s horizons, and we recommend you do likewise.

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