‘Two hearts that beat as one’

Michael Lewis’ “Obama’s Way,” for this month’s issue of Vanity Fair, has drawn accolades and sparked controversy, but few would have expected it to feature, out of many unlikely perspectives, a soft-rock moment in the Libyan desert:

[…] “Bonjour,” said Bubaker, or maybe not—he has forgotten the first thing out of his mouth. But in response Tyler Stark said something and Bubaker instantly recognized the accent. “Are you American?” asked Bubaker. Stark said he was. Bubaker leaned over and told him that he actually had friends in the U.S. Embassy who had fled in the early days of the war, and that if Stark would come with him back to Ben­gha­zi he could put them in touch. “He looked at me, astonished,” remembers Bubaker.

On the drive to Benghazi, Bubaker sensed that Stark was both shocked and wary. At any rate, as much as Bubaker might have wanted to know more about why America was dropping bombs on Libya, Stark would not tell him. And so Bubaker put on some 80s music and changed the subject to something other than war. The first song that came on was Diana Ross and Lionel Richie singing “Endless Love.” “You know what,” said Bubaker. “This song reminds me of my second marriage.” They talked the rest of the way, says Bubaker, “and we didn’t mention anything of any military action.” […]

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