Open practice

Oakland Soft Rock Choir @SoftRockChoir open practice is open

The choir enjoyed a visit from several new soft-rock supplicants with strong interest in joining up at Rumour’s secret lair in Berkeley this week. We also enjoyed the return of our long-lost Rich Girl (Bitch Girl) from a four-month break after the birth of her first-born child, Swayze.

After Preacher Teacher led all in attendance through vocal warm-ups and a rousing round, members performed several songs. The back end of practice featured an expanded round of introductions, soft-rock historio-personal resonances, soft-rock names and favorite Muppets. Next week’s practice will happen in Oakland proper, and Just A City Boy said he will host just east of Lake Merritt.

More open practices are likely to happen this fall, so if you missed this one and think you might wish to attend, watch this space for further instructions or send an e-mail to oaklandsoftrockchoir at gmail dot-com!

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