‘I mean, there was just all this work to be done. And now there’s not.’

“Y’know, I come from an old school,” Marx says. “I would work on a vocal, and keep working on it and punching in until it was right. I do use Auto-Tune when I work with other singers or other background singers, it’s sort of an industry standard, but I do everything I can, even on a pop record, to just keep punching in until I’m happy with it, rather than use the machine.”

Read the rest of David Kirby’s Boulder Weekly article “The Education of Richard Marx”

“It’s going to be 30 years in February that she passed,” Rock says in response, “and you still know who she is … It is soft rock, but there is something poignant and deeper about it that upon listening to it again, people do realize the depth and, of course, with hindsight, the sadness that was in it.”

That’s Lisa Rock, quoted in Andrew S. Hughes’ South Bend Tribune article “Rock re-creates Carpenters music”

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