Come along baby, you’d better make a start


Getting our @fleetwoodmac in shape with a little help from @JulieBruins Feather & L. work on Bryan Adams' "Heaven"

We enjoyed a decent turnout tonight at Just A City Boy‘s apartment a few blocks east of Lake Merritt, with only a couple of new folks from last week’s practice unaccounted for (and a couple of veterans — Rich Girl (Bitch Girl) and Tenille Diamond away) for very good reasons. Preacher Teacher offered up a lot of vocal warm-ups to start, including one that wound up leading us into a new vocal backing pattern for the chorus on Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.” Thanks, Preach! Members who distinguished themselves on those new harmonies were Heather Feather and Lisa Frank.

It looks like we have at least one gig coming up (thanks to Tenille) at a private residence next weekend in Albany, and possibly another Sunday in West Oakland! As soon as we can confirm, we’ll have all the details posted here on-site. As delightful as it is to return to full strength for weekly practice with a decent representation of recruits and vets, it’s even more delightful to look ahead and see lots of opportunities to perform for local audiences!

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